If you have red eyes or your pets are itching, you may be suffering from what researchers call allergic rhinitis.

It is an allergic reaction to proteins found in airborne pet shells that swell in pet houses.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Millions of pet owners in the United States suffer from these allergies and there is a solution that does not require you to donate to a loved one.

Air purifiers use a special set of filters (HEPA and Activated Carbon) that reduce the level of household allergens in the air by 90% [1] by removing these tiny particles from the airflow, ensuring safe cleaning, good night’s sleep and manner. share your home without allergies to your pet.

When we were looking for the best pets, we first learned the basics:

  • Which filters are most effective for pets? We decided to recommend only devices that use pure activated carbon or H13 HEPA, to people looking for pets.
  • Customer Analysis – What is the experience of pet owners with different models of air cleaners?

We base our final recommendations on analysis using CADR data, long-term customer reports with analysis of current customer ratings to ensure only high score ratings with manipulated ratings.

What are the best air cleaners for pet owners?

  1. GermGuardian AXC5900WCA
  2. Blueair 211+
  3. RabbitAir MinusA2
  4. Winix HR900
  5. Eureka NEA120

We also provide a detailed list of our recommended devices, which we believe are the best for treating animal allergies:

1. GermGuardian AXC5900WCA

GemGuardian is described as a medium-sized portable keyboard and is ideal for rooms up to 338 m2. Thanks to three selected high-quality parameters, it can be adapted to the needs of people suffering from mild and severe allergic reactions.

Use carbon and UV technology to destroy bacteria and inhale odors such as smoke and kitchen odors. The AC5900WCA has a HEPA filter that traps dust and allergens up to 3 microns (which are pets for us non-scientists). Depending on the application, it is recommended to replace the filter every 6 to 8 months and the UV-C lamps every 10 to 12 months.

In addition to functions such as the stopwatch, which can be set to 8 o’clock, it is also possible to set it to low speed to come at night. It is no longer quiet at high speeds, but CADR numbers are ideal for such an air purifier.

  • Replacement filters are easy to find
  • Very noisy summer at high speed

2. Blueair 211+

This black and white Blueair mobile phone is very comfortable in larger homes. Filters are discharged five times an hour on 540 square feet. room without interference at 3 speeds to remove dust, pollen and smoke from the air.

Blue Clean 211+ uses a tripartite carbon / HEPA filter to clean the air. The pre-filter captures larger objects and extends their life. The second part uses a layer of activated carbon to trap odors, wounds and smoke from pets, while the main filter captures smaller objects such as pollen, dust and especially pets.

The uniqueness of this device is that the filter can be pre-washed, so you don’t have to replace it as the main HEPA filter. CADR over 211+ is the best on this list, but it compromises noise and can be relatively noisy at all three speeds.

  • Modern design
  • No UV-C light

3. RabbitAir MinusA2

The most expensive on our list minus the blockbuster A2 RabbitAir will not disappoint. The device can be placed on the floor or wall out of the reach of children and pets. There are 5 different speeds, including turbo mode in cases when allergies are caused.

MinusA2 uses its BioGS-HEPA technology with a 6-phase filtration system. There is a pre-filter for large particles, a medium filter for smaller particles such as mold spores, a HEPA filter for small shells, an active carbon filter for odor, a negative ion generator that electrically charges air molecules to attract and retain them. and finally a filter specially designed for pet allergies

There are several features in this device, including light sensors that tell you to sleep at night, air quality, and pollen indicators that always show you what the air is like. This thing also uses air quality

  • Includes Wi-Fi, air quality control and features in control applications
  • The price is not higher than CADR, like other models

4. Winix HR900

The Winix HR900 ranks it among the “best expensive cleaners” and says it’s made specifically for pet owners. They turned their attention to capturing pet hair, scales and scents produced by our four-legged friends using intelligent sensors and improved technology.

The HR900 uses a five-step cleaning system to support the housing. It contains a washable, washable filter, AOC (Advanced Wind Control), HEPA and the PlasmaWave itself, which creates hydroxyl to neutralize bacteria and viruses. They boast that their “Ultimate Pre-Filtration Pet” is HEPA compliant and blocks 99.97% of airborne allergens.

In front of the device is an intelligent sensor that measures particles and odors in the air. Then adjust the fan speed in real time to make the most of the filters. It also has an LED on the front that changes color depending on the air quality. Meet the 300 square lid, it’s no noisier than others of this size, but it has a very quiet sleep mode that turns on automatically at night.

  • The filter changes easily and quickly
  • No remote control

5. Eureka NEA120

We have the Eureka NEA120 as a budget option. For under $100, this device doesn’t look as secure as it used to be. Room air purifier is 26 inches, weighs 12.6 pounds, and works best in rooms up to 222 square feet. It uses carbon, HEPA and UV technology and can choose from three different speeds.

NEA120 uses a three-layer filter system with an activated carbon filter, a HEPA main filter and a long-life ultraviolet filter that operates at a high level with no bells and whistles. The CADR numbers are the weakest on this list, but strong for the balance cleaner, and the HEPA filter still detects 99.97% of the animal’s weight.

This device alerts you when the filter needs to be replaced, which usually happens every 12 months. It may not be the quietest of the group, but there is a quieter way to sleep. If you are looking for an air purifier without breaking the bed, this is the perfect choice.

  • Very easy to use
  • Filters are not as common as others

Frequently Asked Questions

Do air purifiers help with animal hair?

People with an animal allergy are rarely allergic to animal skins. These are swollen particles, saliva or urine that contain allergies that can produce proteins that can get stuck in the animal’s hair and cause a reaction. These air purifiers use HEPA filters that remove these small particles from the air, reducing the risk of allergies.

Are air purifiers for dogs safe?

All the air purifiers on our list are safe for dogs; they do not release toxic substances into the air, but only excrete them. You should replace the filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s regular recommendations to ensure maximum safety. Some other brands of air purifiers can harm pets. They are the ones using ozone technology. According to the EPA [6], these devices can emit toxic gases that are harmful not only to pets, but also to you. Avoid at all costs

Do air purifiers help pets?

In principle yes! Air purifiers can remove up to 99.97% of contaminants (including animal scales) and cause allergic reactions. A study entitled “Clinical Effects of Air Purifiers in the Home of Children with Asthma Sensitive to Pet Allergies” showed a significant improvement in respiratory hyperactivity in children, adolescents with asthma, when an air purifier was introduced into their homes.

Numerous studies conducted by institutions such as the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) show that using an air purifier with a HEPA filter in a multiform approach removes pets from the air. You’ll need extra precautions such as regular vacuuming and bathing of the animals to make sure you climb stairs that aren’t even in the air.

How do air purifiers work when treating pets?

Air purifiers work by forcing air through filters that block constantly moving pets. The main type of filter that we have found to give the best results for pets is the High Efficiency Particle Arrest (HEPA) filter, which uses two different mechanisms. The external filter captures larger objects and the internal filter smaller. This is very effective because they have pets

Which air purifier is best for you and your pets?

We’ve discussed different units considering room size, budget and different features, but which one suits your needs?

If you don’t want to break your account, we recommend Eureka NEA120. It may not have all the features of a more expensive cleaner, but it also works well in smaller spaces. If you have a few bucks to spare, or if you have a big house, you’ll want to go to RabbitAir MinusA2. This futuristic wall mounted bath boy works in rooms up to 815 mW. We recommend Winix HR900 for people with long hair. Thanks to the split 5 filter made especially for animal hair, it is our favorite band.

You are no longer afraid to become your pet with the knowledge that your eyes will soon bite you. Nights of insomnia with sore throat and chest cough are a thing of the past. With the right air purifier, you can love animals without allergies.

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